Our experience of over five years to implement management software for companies, together with a certified senior team, allows us to have a thorough knowledge of many vertical industries. We know what the best management software solutions PHC are for each type of business and we adapt it to the specific needs of our customers.

Meet the sectors in which we specialize

The management software for business is essential for the construction sector. Controlling labor costs, raw materials, costs of licenses and permits, is absolutely essential.

PHC Complete Management CS

PHC Project CS

Running a clinic has many variables. The software management for businesses is the ideal tool to help manage and optimize a clinic.

PHC Clinic CS

The CRM module is an excellent addition to the software management for companies. Integration with sales and detailed analysis of information enable better decision making.

PHC CRM Comercial CS

Ideal tool for managing deadlines and work teams, this module allows you to manage priorities, projects and tasks to optimize compliance with deadlines.

PHC Team Control CS

Controlling fleet costs of your company is critical. The Fleet module lets you control all details related to the vehicles of your company.PHC Frota CS

One of the biggest needs of management is to control the various areas of the company, to know, in detail their financial behavior. Tune the workflow is another pressing needs for any company.
PHC Dashboard CS

PHC Workflow CS

The industry is one of the most complex sectors to control and optimize in terms of management. These two management software modules help companies to simplify these tasks.
PHC Complete Management CS

PHC Manufactor CS

The Module software management especially to companies is dedicated to the logistics and distribution sector. Controls proposals, customers, vendors, accounts and treasury, in an integrated manner.
PHC Complete Management CS

The management of human resources is one of the most complex areas for any company, especially those working in the service sector. This module allows you to optimize the management of personnel, including costs, productivity, wages and holidays.
PHC Human Resources CS

PHC Staff CS

POS management software (Point-of-Sale) to the retail sector, includes aspects of front-office and back-office. An essential tool for businesses.

PHC POS (Point of Sale) CS

Management software for accounting, management and billing control for Restaurants. Is a complete and versatile tool.
PHC POS (Point of Sale) CS

The Technical Support Module Business Management software allows you to manage customer support and after-sales service, effectively and efficiently.
PHC Support CS

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