The best proof of the effectiveness of our management solutionsit is the testimony of our customers. So we decided to give them a voice so that they could say, in the first person, what they think of the quality of our services and solutions.

The testimonies of anturio customers are the best evidence of that,by choosing our management solutions, the company is making the right choice.

What say anturio customers?

See what these companies and its leaders have to say about the level of service and efficiency of anturio management solutions. Meet the testimonies of anturio customers and be another to prove the success of our solutions.

Testimonies of anturio customers in 1st person. Read what they say about us, by themselves.

“Automation and simplification of internal processes between stores, warehouses and head office, work very well, as well as ease of use and performance-based tasks such as calculating sellers commissions.”
Montra Duarte Inácio | Administrator n’A Montra

“The idea was to have a greater control of the entire company. We need an application that would allow us to follow up indicators and we did.”
Maria de Lurdes Loureiro | Responsible for implementing the Software PHC in Acticonstroi

“With the use of PHC support module, we have been able to greatly improve the quality of our after-sales service and the CRM PHC has facilitated the management.”
duplipelagoPedro Sousa | General Director of Duplipélago

“We had the need to implement a complete system and easily adaptable to the reality of the RE/MAX real state mediation. We did not have this component in the back office software, but now everything runs smoothly.”
remaxPaula Machado Mendes | IT director RE/MAX Portugal

Some business partners

Meet some of the most significant anturio business partners. Be another company to gain from the effectiveness of our management solutions.