The story of each client is a success story for us. We know that a part of the success of our clients was based on an anthurium management solution.

We are proud of our success stories and as such we intend to share them so that more and more companies can benefit from all the advantages of our management solutions.

Our most iconic success stories


Anturio modernizes Quinta da Lago resort management

In order to face a strong multi-year investment, which implied the implementation of new modules for the ERP PHC Enterprise already used, the Algarve resort Quinta do Lago turned to Anturio, as a result of the experience and know-how demonstrated by the company in working with PHC software. The result surpassed expectations, notably by the adoption of improvements suggested by Anturio that brought benefits to administrative management.


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Aero Job controls quality of products with system implemented by anturio

Aero Job, a company that operates in the area of aeronautics, needed a quality control system that would allow to control the level of all the products designed in the company and also the work done by the collaborators. The choice fell on Anturio, as a result of its experience with PHC software. Besides allowing to control the quality of the work, the solution implemented also allowed to free resources and means for the performance of other tasks.


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caso sucesso

Entredoor adheres to mobility and differentiates itself from the competition

The project implemented by anturio, based on the PHC Digital management solution, enables Entredoor to better manage technical assistance services, reduce administrative costs, increase customer and team satisfaction and offer a better price compared to competitors.

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RE / MAX Portugal is committed to using PHC Enterprise CS

RE/MAX has opted to implement the PHC Enterprise CS management solution with the PHC CRM CS module for a total of 54 users. This option has made RE / MAX one of the most emblematic anturio success stories.

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Acticonstroi remains one step ahead of the competition

The construction company from Spain, Acticonstroi implemented the management solution PHC Advanced CS, with modules PHC Gestión, PHC Project, PHC Letras and PHC Personal. It is now one of the biggest success stories of anturio.

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Storefront simplifies internal processes with the support of anturio

With the support of Anturio’s management solutions, the storefront has simplified all internal processes between stores and headquarters, as well as performing basic tasks. It would be the beginning of yet another case of anturio’s success.

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anturio streamlines Duplipelago business

Due to the needs of Duplipélago, anturio implemented the management solution PHC Corporate CS, with PHC Management, PHC CRM, PHC Support and PHC Personal modules.

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